All life needs food, water and shelter to grow. Students require more – our time and energy. As teachers, we understand these resources may be limited. As zoo educators, we specialize in life needs. Take a moment to look at our programs, resources and grants. You may find they make life easier.

Connect and experience classroom principles first hand!

  • Our programs use the Zoo as a living classroom to teach science and critical thinking skills. 
  • They meet teacher curriculum needs (P.A.S.S. objectives) and tap into students' curiosity about animals and nature. 
  • Programs may incorporate skills in science, reading, writing, math and observation. 
  • If you can't come to us, let us bring our programs to you!
  • Handicapable classes can be arranged for your special needs students.

Call ahead at 405.425.0218 so our trained staff can make your zoo experience meaningful and enjoyable!